This is a pretty cool new website isn’t it! The Raiders asked me to write a few things down, that would help introduce me, and how I started in basketball!

Well… One day when I was asleep in the Foxy Den, under the Pavilions, a noise woke me up suddenly and it sounded like someone was bouncing a ball on my ceiling.  Being the inquisitive Fox that I am I wandered up the secret passage way to the main arena, from my Den, and to my absolute delight I saw a basketball match taking place.

Many of you might not know but I have been a massive basketball fan for years and my idol is Benny the Bull – the mascot for the Chicago Bulls who play in the NBA in America!  Anyway I sat in the corner watching the game and was amazed at what I saw.

I got Mrs Foxy to order me a kit and at the next game I slipped into the arena quietly and sat in the corner watching the game.  Suddenly, without any warning some music came on and before I could stop myself I was out on the court dancing and getting the crowd to join in with a Mexican wave.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The Foxy family consists of myself, Mrs Foxy and Foxy Junior and we have 3 cousins involved with football clubs.  Freddy the Fox (Halifax FC), Filbert Fox (Leicester City FC) and Fergus the Fox (Falkirk FC).  We are quite a sporty family when you look at us!

The highlight of my week is when we have a home game and I get the opportunity to see you all and help make as much noise as possible for the players.  I love being able to perform my Foxy routines for you during timeouts and attempting the dunk!

During the summer break we like to travel away and we usually pop up to Scotland to catch up with Fergus and his family.  

Mrs Foxy is a rather shy fox which is why you don’t see her at very many games.  She is always very busy when I’m at games tidying up the Fox den as apparently I make a lot of mess!  She is very good friends with the inspirational Bosom Pals Cheerleaders and enjoys meeting up with them for coffee, cake and a good natter.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this little insight into my world and I look forward to seeing you all at the next home game.

This is Foxy signing off!

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