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Plymouth Storm was founded back in October 2011 when Aaron Blyth-Palk and Richie Bolgiani believed that there was the need for a wheelchair basketball team to be started again in Plymouth. At the time there was only one other club in the county and that was Exeter Otters, which several people from Plymouth made the weekly trip to train with them. The club started off with 10 players and the numbers stayed around that for the first couple seasons.

In 2012 it saw the club enter the National league division 3 for the first time and claim a very respectful 2nd place for its first season. The following season saw Storm finish 2nd place again but this year claiming promotion to division 2, unfortunately it was too much for the Plymouth based team and they were relegated the following season back down to division 3. Last season Plymouth Storm claimed another 2nd place finish but this didn’t result in promotion unfortunately. The current season see Storm currently sat 2nd with five games remaining.

The last couple years has seen the club numbers slowly increase with the club, there are currently 17 regular members that turn up on a weekly basis. We currently have a mixture of ages ranging from 12 to 55 years old, with both male and female playing. The club is always looking to increase participation numbers within disability sports and get more people involved with playing wheelchair basketball.

Over the next couple of years the club is looking to continue growing and developing. The team would like to push and claim promotion back into division two where we have unfinished business and to show what the team can really do. The club would also like to increase its junior and female numbers and work towards having a female and/or junior team in the near future. We also would like to work with schools and the community more closely than we do at present to help boost awareness about disability and the options people have to continue playing sport and socialising.

The club train and play games at the University of St Mark & St John and have done for the past couple of seasons. The facilities are fantastic and are constantly being reviewed and improved to help with accessibility. The team currently train on a Thursday night: 7-8pm Development session (all welcome) and 8-9pm team session (invite only). 

Who can play wheelchair basketball?

Both able bodied and disabled people can play wheelchair Basketball. People of all ages and experience are welcome to join our club.

All Wheelchair Basketball players are classified according to their individual disability or physical impairment

Wheelchair basketball, based on the sport of basketball, introduces some adaptations to reflect the use of the wheelchair in the game, and to harmonize the different levels of disabilities players have.

All teams which compete above a recreational level use a classification system to evaluate the functional abilities of players on a point scale of 1 to 4.5. Minimally disabled athletes are classified as a 4.5, and an individual with the highest degree of disability (such as a paraplegic with a complete injury below the chest) would have the classification of 1.0. In places where teams are integrated, non disabled athletes compete as either a 4.5 in Canada or a 5.0 in Europe. Non-disabled athletes are not allowed to compete internationally.

Classification is an international regulation for playing wheelchair basketball, where competitions restrict the number of points allowable on the court at one time. The five players from each team on the court during play may not exceed a total of 14 points.

There are also allowances for first year players, junior players and female players.

Plymouth Raiders is in Division 3 South West of the National League, and must ensure that the players on court at any one time do not exceed a total of 15 points.



Any inquires then please contact:

Aaron Blyth-Palk on (07867380975)

Email [email protected]

We also have a website:

Facebook: Plymouth Raiders wheelchair basketball team


Upcoming games:

Home: 25th February 1.20pm Tip v Thames Valley Kings

Away: 18th March TBC Tip v Harriers

Home: 24th March 2.20pm Tip v Swansea Storm

Home: 29th April 2.20pm Tip v Gloucester Blazers

Away: 6th May 3.20pm Tip v Thames Valley Kings


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