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Emilie Perring


Treasurer and Cheer Coach


I attended Raiders games with my family as season ticket holders from the age of 3. I was obsessed with the Cheerleaders, still to do this day keeping the photo of me with the cheer team led by Jennie Gray. Fast forward 12 years, following my dance and performing arts training, I successfully made the team, with Jennie as my Coach.

The club fully supported me in transitioning the cheerleaders into a business in our own right, which enabled me to be where I am today which I will forever be grateful for. Every member of my family have been involved with the Raiders, with my brother playing for the development team, my fathers role as a Director for the Plymouth Raiders Foundation, the sponsorship through his place of work, and my mother playing many roles supporting the Cheer team at performances. The club has been a consistent part of my life, and I wish to contribute and give back for the years of happiness it has given me.

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Meet the legends

Celebrating those who have worn the famous green jersey. Thank you to each and every one, from Plymouth to Pennsylvania or Newton Abbot to New York, we’ve celebrated as team mates and made friendships to last a lifetime. Once a Raider, always a Raider.

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