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our Values

Our Raiders Values The Plymouth Raiders have been a force for good across the City since 1983. Our values and commitments to equality, life chances and our dedication to fairness, run through our DNA.


Time and again, Raiders have served our community and used our platform locally to progress causes close to us. Similarly, Raiders understand that today many challenges remain and evolve and they represent a very different world than the one when we first started out all those years ago.


Whilst the work to educate, inform and work collaboratively to seek a better world for us all are ongoing, we must always remain vigilant. We must call out acts that do not align with our values and we will work hard to support those close to us, our friends, fans and volunteers and those in our community that may benefit from our collective support.


In addition, our club will always seek to support our young people and those most vulnerable across our City that may benefit somehow, however small, from our club’s support or one of our specialist partner organisations.


Finally, we resolutely stand with those who are subjected to any form of abuse in any capacity, whether online, mental or physical. We will always call it out and stand shoulder to shoulder alongside those in a time of need.

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Meet the legends

Celebrating those who have worn the famous green jersey. Thank you to each and every one, from Plymouth to Pennsylvania or Newton Abbot to New York, we’ve celebrated as team mates and made friendships to last a lifetime. Once a Raider, always a Raider!

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