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Since 1983, the Plymouth Raiders have been your basketball team, from our humble beginnings in the NationalLeague Division 2 and onto a dominant period in Division 1 for over 20 years and more recently the BBL. Admired, loved and supported by the most passionate and knowledgeable fans anywhere in the UK.

Across the South West, our name and history remain indelible on the sports landscape, even today  – simply one of the most identifiable and loved sports teams of the past 40 years in Devon & Cornwall, putting Plymouth on the map as part of the City’s triumvirate of great sporting institutions Argyle and Albion.

Whether you watched Gary Stronach, Jon Goodemote or perhaps our greatest ever, Dave Downey from the bleachers at the Mayflower Centre in the 1980’s, or cheered that occasional game winning buzzer beater from the orange seats of the Pavilions, we lived every moment together, in the famous green jersey.

Always ahead of the game, off as well as on court, the Plymouth Raiders raised the bar for the modern basketball game day experience as we know it.

Maybe you had your handbag emptied or your wheelchair stolen by Foxy, we can only apologise!

In more recent years, maybe your favourite player was Terrence Durham, Danny James, Gavin Love, Josh Wilcher or Donte Nicholas or any of the list of memorable players who stepped onto court for us, too many heroes to mention. Not least the 2007 Trophy Winners and an MVP Carlton Aaron performance upset the record books against a dominant Newcastle Eagles - we salute every single one of you.

So we stand here, looking to a new, green future, where we look to offset the moments we can’t change, by shaping events as we go forward together.

2023 is the 40th Anniversary of the Plymouth Raiders – the 2nd oldest club in UK basketball. There can be no better, nor fitting time to tell the basketball world that we’re back.

As we look ahead with excitement and purpose, we’re reaching out to partners, friends, fans and the great many of you that still bleed green - we’re here and we’re listening. The overwhelming response so far to this news has been incredible. But most of all, your opinions matter to us. Team sport depends on collective input and Raiders always belonged to you, the fans – our social media Group Experts. Genuine debate from the best in the business.

Over the next several weeks and months ahead, please keep in touch via our social channels as we reboot, reload and release new and some retro content for you to relive and enjoy. Times change, but our proud history remains.

“Let’s Go Raiders”

Thank You



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