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Plymouth Raiders 73 - 82 Cardiff City

League leaders Cardiff City were in town over the weekend as Raiders looked to string a run of wins together after last week’s win over Bath.

Cardiff were coming off the back of a thriller the night before as they beat Plymouth’s other NBL side Marjon Patriots 98-100.

The game the night before hadn’t taken any of the wind out of the visitings sides sails as they picked right up where they left off scoring 24 points in the first quarter and doubling the amount of points Raiders obtained. The first 10 minutes ended 12-24 and Cardiff looked well on their way to making it 2-0 against Plymouth’s teams over the weekend.

The subsequent 10 minutes continued much the same way with Cardiff adding a further 21 points to their tally and Raiders only 9. With scoring seeming a huge issue for the team in green they had a lot of work to do as they went into the locker room 21-45 down.

A third quarter that may of filled some home fans with hope saw Raiders score 28 points to Cardiffs 14. A much better quarter from Plymouth but the result remained the same with Cardiff in front 49-59. But with only a 10 point difference between the two sides, maybe just maybe Raiders could pull this one back.

Scoring was no problem for the Raiders in the final quarter picking up 24 additional points to their tally but ultimately the free scoring was for nothing as they let Cardiff rack up 23 points of their own. The game ultimately finished in Cardiff’s favour 73-82 and inflicted Raiders fourth loss of the season.

Top points scorers on the day were Tom Elliott-Smith with 22 points,  Gonçalo Argel adding 11 points and Tom Woods rounded off our top 3 with a further 10 points.

On another home defeat Head Coach Gareth Laws said “It’s said that every opportunity good and bad helps to provide an experience to use in future games. Sometimes losing a game to the league leaders shouldn’t just be looked at as defeat, but rather an opportunity to learn from the best and challenge ourselves to reach greater heights.”

“Cardiff showed us the importance of team basketball, sticking to a game plan and believing in your self’s enough to stick with what we know works.”

“The first half Cardiff showed exactly why there the league leaders. They were a constant presence inside and out and were solid defensively which helped them build a large lead in the first half.”

“Going into the half time team meeting, I talked about pride, passion, belief in what were trying to do. Things we seem to forget and the second half the guys came out to play and showed Cardiff what the Raiders are about.”

“With exceptional shooting from Tom Elliott-Smith and great play from Gonçalo Argel and Brandon Boatfield we sparked a come back and with only 5 mins to go we had a 25pt deficit down to 6.  However Cardiff stuck to their game plan and maned some key baskets down the stretch to keep us as bay.”

“In these loses we often discover our true strength, resilience, and determination to rise above adversity.”

“So once again we need to embrace the experience, grow from it, and come back stronger than ever."

Raiders don’t have time to lick their wounds now though as they return to action straight away in front of their home fans against Exeter Spartans on Sunday 18th February.

Tickets are on sale now so visit Raiders socials for all the information.


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